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A few words on the importance of wedding photos.

A grand selection of past weddings can be found here.

Investments for the 2020-2021 wedding season can be found here. I love educated clients. After you visit the pricing page I highly recommend you visit the F.A.Q section of my website, located in the main menu bar of this site. It answers questions you didn’t know you had.

I am not here to persuade you to spend thousands of dollars on wedding photos. I am here to tell you how important photography is on this special day. There are very few things that you can honestly say  you will have a lifetime. I believe wedding photos are one of those things. Even if our robot warlords take over the internet and skynet becomes a reality, you'll still have your gorgeous album when Google takes over the world. Future conspiracy theories aside, this is why I seek out couples who care about photography. I want it to matter to them. I do not want my services to be an afterthought.

Your day is such a blur, let someone take care of it with patience, professionalism and an eye to capture what you want. I will make sure that I capture ever smile, every tear and every kiss so that they remain as vivid as the day they happened. I want to tell your story the right way. It might be a large investment to a lot of people but I can't think of anything else worth every penny...okay maybe cake is worth it too. Invest in capturing the day you want to remember forever.

I work tirelessly to get to know my bride and groom. I want to be a pal on their team. I want to feel like a rock solid constant in a very dizzying day. There is so much to focus on during these wonderful moments. Let me do the hard work for you. Invest in a quality photographer who cares how your memories are created and kept.


 You know how important a quality photographer is on that special day? It's pretty important, so important I may need a xanax after writing this. Just kidding, drugs are bad kids. If you have made it this far and still have not seen my pricing please return to the top but if you are just curious wedding packages for elopements begin at 1600. Formal weddings begin at 3000. I offer one complete wedding package that covers most of what any couple needs and an options only package so that you may pick and choose what matters to you. An awesome consultation with pastries and coffee is always recommended but you can take the next step and fill out the form below to say hello.

Note: I photograph ALL ceremonies bringing two humans together no matter what. Love is love and this world needs more of it.

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