A FAQ  section  that doesn't smell like socks! This is primarily wedding focused. Happy reading!

How do we book you? +

A contract must be signed and a deposit must be paid. Simple as that. There are no photography services until this happens. %25 of your entire package price is always used as a retainer and is non refundable.

Do you offer a payment plan? +

I have a couple ways to pay. Listen very carefully. Option 1: Pay the full amount of the wedding balance, in cash, at the contract signing! Congrats, you guys are my new heroes. I take $100 dollars off the booking price. As Borat would say, VERY NICE!

Option 2: Pay half the balance at the contract signing. This is the most common and industry standard method. The remaining balance is ALWAYS due 1 month before your wedding date.

Option 3(a case by case scenario): Pay the retainer for your wedding which is 25% of the package price and then sign the contract. We will work out a payment plan of 2-3 payments but the entire balance is still due 1 month before your wedding date. Remember, the retainer is not refundable.

How long does it take to get our photos? +

A selection(up to 40) of images is released 1 week after the wedding. I know in this social media hungry world that may sound like a lifetime but I’m worth that wait. I will always release a few portraits the day after the wedding so you can show the fam. Wedding albums and picture delivery is generally 1-3 months after the wedding date.

Do you give people “raw” images? +

No. I will express this clearly. I do not give out unretouched raw images or jpegs. You are hiring me for a service and will always only receive a completed product.

Do you give out high resolution edited images? +

Yes and no. In the years before digital photography if a bride or groom wanted to get another picture made they would only have one place to do it, the photographer. This is because the photographer owned the negatives. For the most part we don’t shoot with film cameras anymore and this has changed how we do business. I encourage people to print through me. Why? I’m not Target, Costco or Walgreens. They will surely all print your wedding pictures and possibly destroy any of the nuances and beauty that quality paper and concise color treatment they have been given. You’re paying for a professional eye, don’t let it go to waste on those retailers. I have no control over how they print my images and they could turn out, very icky. It’s a very long answer to a question but I give out photos that will yield a print up to 8x10. I’m not in the business of making you pay an arm in a leg for a 4x6 but I ask you invest in quality for larger prints, through me.

How many pictures do I get? +

Lots of depends here. I am a quality over quantity shooter but it all depends on what your day is like. You will see everything that is sharp, beautiful and contributes to the story of the day(400-800 final) Wedding albums are less, between 75-125 images.

Why do wedding photographers cost so much? +

When you break it down, we don’t. Wedding photographers are small businesses. If they are just one employee, they are the marketing,accounting,education,financing and photographer department. Small businesses need to be fully insured, use quality optics and continue their education and growth. The actual wedding day is about 20% of what the work is considered. From consultation to final image delivery we are driving, emailing, phoning, texting, creating, editing hours upon hours to make something perfect for your eyes. This is why it’s important to pay “a little more” for someone who will provide you the safety, security, and common practices of a quality small business. A craigslist photographer will have none of these safeguards. Light stand falls on uncle Johnny? Oh well. Memory card gets erased and all your wedding photos are gone? So sad too bad.

Are my images safe? How are they backed up? +

Favorite. Question. Ever. YES. I have an obsessive method of backing up and protecting your files. In my 15 years of photography I have never lost a file for a client, and because this is my livelihood I work very hard in keeping that streak alive. You can rest easy here. I use Canon professional products and their top line allows me to shoot on 2 memory cards at a time. This gives me a small piece of mind that if something fails, I always have a backup. After the wedding the images are backed up thrice. A computer backup, an offsite external backup and a cloud backup.

Do I own the images? +

No well yes, but no. Ha, aren’t I confusing? Of course they are your photos. You purchased them and you can post/use/print them to your liking but the image copyright is always retained by the photographer. If you took the picture, you’re the copyright holder. The bride and groom generally retain what we call, the “usage rights.”

What do you mean when you say you, “retouch” the images? +

Even in the days of the dark room with film, photographers have always “edited” their photos. Editing can be very elusive. The best editing looks like there is nothing at all. I try my best to get everything correct in camera but every photographer will run their photographs through their favorite editing programs. For me that’s lightroom and photoshop. Everything gets a color/contrast/sharpening tweak. From there I will adjust accordingly to “my style.” More significant editing involves things such as blemish removal, body contouring, teeth whitening and tattoo removal and is additional. I try to shoot everyone in a flattering way. I never alter anyone’s appearance unless I am told to do so by the client.

Aren't elephants the most adorable living things?

Aren't elephants the most adorable living things?

So what’s your style? +

I’ll tell you when I figure that out. Guess what, UPDATE!(6/6/19) I've figured it out. I’m a photographer that loves to give the client what they are looking for so some weddings might look much different than others. If you were pulling my ear and told me I had to answer this question I would say this; I try to capture the day as it is, with minimal forced posing and lots of candid moments. I do not like lining up wedding parties for group pictures. I will always try to capture them in another more relaxed fashion. My editing style is somewhere between my love for film and the advantage of digital processing. I like to think it has a timeless quality. I don’t subscribe to gimmicks or fads. I want your images to stand the test of time. I do not do selective coloring. I want you to look back in 40 years and be still happy with the quality of the product you've been given.

Can I have all the images in black and white? +

Yes, so simple. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I can include a separate folder of the entire wedding in black and white but I’ll be honest! Not everything that looks nice color, looks nice black and white and vice versa.

Do you shoot alone? Can I have a second shooter? +

I can shoot alone, I prefer, for larger weddings, to have a second shooter. It makes the day go a lot smoother and we can provide compelling storytelling while making sure you have appropriate coverage. My second shooters are always professional, hand picked and people I trust to have a similar style as I do,to promote cohesion in your photos. Second shooters can be male or female or whatever they identify themselves as.

Can we give you a shot list? +

Yes but no. I am probably going to cover most of the things you are going to list. I’m not trying to generalize but this always happens. I’m more concerned with specifics, so if Aunt Mimi is coming from Iceland and you need a picture with her, let me know. You can also be a wonderful person and also tell me if there is anyone I should not shoot or cover during the wedding. Shot lists do come in handy when it comes to formals with your immediate and extended family. Boy is that a hoot! No, I'm lying, no photographer enjoys formals but I'm not here to tell you that. When you sign a contract you agree to meet at a separate time to go over your wedding day timeline. This will include time to eek out a shot list to help me organize everyone for those formal images.

Do you provide videography services? +

Yes and No. I personally do not shoot video. I am contracted through George St Photo and Video(a wedding photography company) to shoot some weddings therefore I have befriended a couple amazing videographers that I can recommend to you. If you enjoy their work we can discuss package options or you can hire them at your own leisure.

What forms of payment do you accept? +

Mostly anything except cryptocurrency. Michael Jacobs Photo LLC accepts all major credit cards, checks, cash, venmo and Android Pay(Sorry Apple). Also, if you have ties to authentic Italian or Polish bakeries, I accept a year's worth of pastries as payment. Don't laugh, it's not funny.

Oh no, my wedding reception is going late but I still want photography, do you work extra hours? +

I got you fam, yes I do. You can see my overtime pricing in the wedding package list.

I get new questions all the time so I will update this as they come in. A lot of specific questions are handled in the consultation process with my contract. If you still need answers, see the form below!

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