My philosophy

Hello, my name is Mike.  I am a photographer that makes pictures of people. I think people rule. I am conversational when I make pictures. I love to allow the personality of my clients to be the final stamp on my images. My decade long experience as a group therapist has allowed me understand what my clients want. More specifically, I try my best to see the final product through their eyes. I am based in northern New Jersey and service the New York metro area as well. I am also available for select bookings in Raleigh, North Carolina and Boston, Massachusetts. Kinda random, huh? I have deep ties to these other two states and travel there on a consistent basis.


Some random facts about me:

  • I went to university for psychology and music

  • I am a voice actor and classically trained singer

  • I am Polombian! (Polish/Colombian)

  • I have an obsession with people covering songs on Youtube

  • I am huge mental health advocate


Photography above all has been my personal slogan for a long time. If you're interested in hiring me it's because you care about it as well. I seek out clients that make it a priority to have beautiful images. I seek out people that want to tell a story with what I create for them. Most importantly I seek out people that want to invest in quality work. I care about every moment I am with someone making images. Their happiness and vision is my calling. So if you care about photography as much as I do, let's talk, because I know I can give you gifts that will outlast most commodities in life. Thank you!


Michael Jacobs Photo LLC
26 Makemoney Avenue(I swear that’s not a joke) Haskell, New Jersey, 07420
(919) 355-6823


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