Hey there! I'm Mike, a photographer and long time New Englander now in Apex, North Carolina. I photograph weddings, engagements,boudoir,portraits and other life events.  I also love doughnuts. No, really, I might be the doughnut equivalent to a wine sommelier. My grandfather was a baker in Colombia so it is in my blood. I'm loud, dramatic and love to make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera.

     That's what it comes down to, that personal connection. You may not like getting your picture taken so if I can make it more of a conversation between friends with a couple of snaps in between I've done my job. I love people and letting their personality shine through is my personal passion. I also shoot a mixture of film and digital. No, I'm not a cool hipster(although I do have a groovy beard). I just believe photography doesn't have to just be one medium. It will never be just one medium.

     Let's see what I can do for you. This world has become too quick, so instant and far too ADD. Hopefully, I can create something for you that lasts.

(Available for bookings in North Carolina. Limited bookings in New York/New Jersey and Massachusetts.)

-Michael J. Bambuch

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