Sing me a tune about your favorite football team.

A couple weeks ago I was given the opportunity to spend some time with two sweet people. Erica and David met me in downtown Raleigh on a questionably wet Saturday. If you are familiar with thunderstorms in North Carolina, you know they are absolutely no joke. Also, they decide to do what they want, when they want. The city seemed to be towing the line between dry and deluge with a little lightning in between. No matter, I welcome awful weather to shoot in.

We arrived at Chuck’s Burgers just in time for some droplets. It had been their first date spot a couple years ago. Who wouldn’t want to get to know someone over some tasty burgers? I apologize to my vegan and vegetarian friends. I ran into the street a couple times to capture some wide angles of them. Try and see if you can spot me in the reflection I didn’t feel the need to edit out.

We then decided to move down to the Duke Energy Center for Performing Arts. We got a free wind machine as we walked between Raleigh’s ever growing skyline. The performing arts center holds a special place for Erica as well as myself. We both sing together in the North Carolina Master Chorale and most of our performances are held there. So of course much of this engagement session included singing, or my version of singing. It’s a beautiful building that gives a direct line of sight to the capital on the other end of Fayetteville St. David was really chill about it all and I appreciated that he just wanted to be there with her. But wait, there’s more! They are a genuinely sweet and silly couple and as much as the cute moments happened, so did the goofy ones. These are the shots I live for. Nothing posed, just emotions and elation.

The weather got progressively eerie with more lightning, wind, and the thought of a downpour. So, what was the next logical step? Outfit change and then off to shoot outdoors in an open field!

We decided to drive on over to the North Carolina Museum of Art. If you haven’t been, go! It really is the gem of the Triangle. The museum’s park is art itself. I believe it’s over 200 acres of green space, sculpture, and rolling hills. Of course, it had begun to pour once we parked. You could literally see the sun and large cumulus clouds in the distance while it rained upon us. What a metaphor for life! Regardless, I knew it was a special time to shoot and as soon as the rain diminished to a light drizzle I got them out of their car. Now if you look closely, it IS raining in these pictures but I decided to go for a warmer approach to the set. Of course the rain came back as we walked to our final spot but we were able to capture THE BEST photo ever. A little rain, love and lavender. I gave David my reflector to hold over Erica’s head as we walked back to the car so her hair wouldn’t get too wet. It was a adorable moment that I feel sums up their quirky and lovely relationship. Please enjoy these images. I had such a joy making them.

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The gentleman painting the mural was very confused as to why I wanted this picture.

Personal fave.

Personal fave.

Notebook vibes y’all, except without the dementia and sadness.

Notebook vibes y’all, except without the dementia and sadness.

Excuse the wet lens.

Excuse the wet lens.