Moving into the newly built subdivision.

Hi! Hello? Wow. This is extremely strange. I'm writing this blog on February 22nd 2018 in a new and exciting place, squarespace. That's right, after 13 years with smugmug providing the tools/proofing/printing for my, now business, I have decided to come to the dark side. Not really, dark side, I already have a squarespace site for my artistic conceptual work here. It's a big change and if you don't know me, I hate change, but it's for the best. Smugmug has been such a resource for me over the past decade. Literally, everything I needed was under 1 roof. That's not the case so much now, which I'll discuss later. It was the one stop shop for everything but it had some glaring issues. First, no blog support, none. You paint yourself as a photographer's platform but don't include blogging? That's silly. Making a smugmug "blog" was intensely annoying and caused me to lose about 2 hours in my day.  Secondly, poor analytics. Smugmug is behind the curve with allowing people to follow leads correctly. They are incompatible with some facebook marketing features(the pixel) and have no intention of supporting it in the future. It was really clunky. I don't fancy myself understanding html or coding and though smugmug had template tools, everything was just so odd and difficult navigate. Even the most well made smugmug sites looked a little worse for wear.  Lastly topping out at 45 dollars a month, it was a high price to pay for something I wasn't fully utilizing.  It was just time for a change. It's 2018 right? Time to move beyond the clunk and be a little more streamline.

Now I have that streamlined site. I've worked very diligently over the past month to bring you something that works for you, the client. I've simplified my services and also added more options for many budgets. I want my personality to shine through every page you visit here. I really think it does. I want to be clean and concise. I think I have improved, hahaha. My services are readily available the minute you step onto the website's landing page. I am a people photographer that focuses on 4 specific services, wedding, engagement, boudoir and portraits. I've built a snazzy FAQ section that will help clients understand what it means to invest in a professional photographer. I've made sure all my galleries are up to date with the most vivid, sharp and gorgeous images I have shot in the the last couple of years. I am proud of my little spot on the web. I don't want to draw this hello out but I wanted to make sure you knew you were in good hands. If you need photographic services, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will love working with you. To 2018 and beyond, welcome to the new home of Michael Jacobs Photo LLC!